Autumn 2005 issue of the Expert Witness newsletter (volume 10, issue 3)


  • Claims by Elderly Parents for Loss of Caregiving by Adult Children
    • by Hugh P. Finnigan
    • The article addresses the fact that many adult children accept at least some responsibility for the provision of care to their aging parents. This leads to a possible claim by elderly parents for the loss of caregiving services, if an adult child is seriously injured or killed. The purpose of his article is to review some recent research that examines the factors that determine whether an adult child will care for an elderly parent.
  • The Impact of Disability on Earnings: Pitfalls in the Use of Average Data
    • This article appeared in our newsletter but has been removed from our web site at the author’s request.
  • Death and Retirement: Allowing for Uncertainty
    • by Christopher Bruce
    • In this article Christopher Bruce explains how experts deal with situations in which there is uncertainty about the plaintiff’s future income path – such as when it is not known whether the plaintiff will recover from his or her injuries. He also comments on an error that experts often make when dealing with such uncertainty.