Winter 2002/03 issue of the Expert Witness newsletter (volume 7, issue 3)


  • Under-reporting of Income by the Self-Employed
    • by Scott Beesley
    • In this article Scott Beesley discusses a technique that can be used to estimate the extent to which a self-employed worker has under-reported his net business income.
  • Quantifying Soft Tissue Injury in Neck Injured Patients
    • by Gordon McMorland
    • This article was prepared by Dr. Gordon McMorland – a Calgary-based chiropractor and the director of the Canadian Whiplash Centre. Dr. McMorland discusses a new technology that can be used to effectively and objectively assess cervical range of motion and neck strength. Together, these measurements quantify the functional capacity of the neck.
  • Management fees
    • by Derek Aldridge
    • In this article Derek Aldridge briefly discusses the concept of management fee awards for injured plaintiffs. He addresses the possibility that, while a plaintiff will incur additional costs when using a financial manager, she may also earn a higher return on her investments.