Winter 1998 issue of the Expert Witness newsletter (volume 3, issue 4)


  • Issues Arising in the Calculation of Damages Under the Survival of Actions Act (Part 1)
    • by Scott Beesley
    • In this article Scott Beesley discusses the issues that arise in the calculation of damages under the Survival of Actions Act. Mr. Beesley addresses the possible size of the “necessities” deduction.
  • Duty of Care
    • by Christopher Bruce
    • In this article, Christopher Bruce continues with the third in his series on the economic analysis of tort law. Dr. Bruce discusses the “duty of care” issues including the economic reasoning behind liabilities in torts.
  • Mitigation vs. Rights in Self-Employed Cases
    • by Scott Beesley
    • In this article, Scott Beesley discusses some interesting points concerning the issue of injured business owners and their future loss of income.