Summer 2006 issue of the Expert Witness newsletter (volume 11, issue 2)


  • The Cost of Household Services, Alberta, 2006: A Survey
    • by Christopher Bruce and Amelia Lamb
    • The article reports the results of a survey we conducted in late 2005 and early 2006. We obtained housecleaning, handyman, landscaping and snow removal, child care, and home care/meal preparation rates from a large sample of agencies and individuals in both Calgary and Edmonton, and housecleaning rates for smaller samples in Lethbridge, Grande Prairie, and Red Deer. In the article we present our findings and explain how we will apply these results in our calculations.
  • The Discount Rate Revisited (Summer 2006)
    • by Derek Aldridge
    • In this article Derek Aldridge reports on our latest survey of discount rates, and outlines the revisions we have made to our standard assumptions. We conclude that some small changes to our short-term discount rate assumption are warranted, though we have not changed our assumptions concerning long-term rates. The overall impact on our calculations will be negligible in most cases.