Summer 2003 issue of the Expert Witness newsletter (volume 8, issue 2)


  • Assessment of damages in wrongful birth cases
    • by Gerald Robertson, Q.C.
    • Gerald Robertson is a Professor of Law at the University of Alberta, and a practising barrister and solicitor in the areas of civil litigation and personal injury. He is co-author of Legal Liability of Doctors and Hospitals in Canada (3rd ed.). He is also a director of the Robertson Personal Injury Newsletter, an on-line weekly digest of all personal injury judgments in Canada decided over the previous week, along with current developments in the area of personal injury litigation.
  • Predicting post-secondary education attainment
    • by Mohamed Amery
    • In this article Mohamed Amery discusses cases involving plaintiffs who are minors, in which it is necessary to predict the level of education that these individuals would have obtained had they not been injured. Mr. Amery’s article provides information concerning indicators that can be used to make this prediction – including the education of the plaintiff’s parents; the level of the plaintiff’s employment while in high school; and whether the plaintiff ever failed a grade.
  • The impact of parental divorce or death on adolescents’ education & earnings
    • by Christopher Bruce & Mohamed Amery
    • In this article Christopher Bruce and Mohamed Amery survey recent research concerning the impact that the death or divorce of a parent will have on the lifetime earning capacity of children.
  • Experience-Rating of Automobile Insurance: A Good Idea that Won’t Work
    • by Christopher Bruce
    • In this article Christopher Bruce identifies some of the weaknesses of legislation that requires automobile insurance companies to use “experience rating” – a system in which the only factor that determines your premiums is your driving record.