Spring 2002 issue of the Expert Witness newsletter (volume 7, issue 1)


  • Male Versus Female Earnings – Is the Gender Wage Gap Converging?
    • by Kelly Rathje
    • In this article Kelly Rathje examines current and projected trends in educational attainment and labour force participation – two factors which influence earnings. Then, she present the results of some recent research regarding the projected gender wage gap. Next, she considers the implications of these results for the estimation of the potential incomes of young females.
  • Complementarity in the Retirement Behaviour of Older Married Couples: An Update
    • by Daryck Riddell & Christopher Bruce
    • In this article Daryck Riddell and Christopher Bruce examine the tendency of workers to make their retirement decisions based on the retirement decisions of their spouses. That is, if a 57 year-old woman’s husband has already retired, that could indicate that she will retire earlier than would otherwise have been predicted. Mr. Riddell and Dr. Bruce report on three hypotheses concerning the likelihood that the retirement ages of spouses will be correlated.