Autumn 1999 issue of the Expert Witness newsletter (volume 4, issue 3)


  • The Current Status of Survival of Actions Act Claims
    • by Christopher Bruce
    • In this article Christopher Bruce discusses two trial court decisions concerning the method by which claims for loss of earnings are to be calculated under the Survival of Actions Act. He argues that, although these two decisions clarify many of the outstanding issues in this area, a number of crucial problems remain unresolved.
  • The Calculation of Damages in Sexual Abuse Cases
    • by Matthew Foss
    • In this article Matthew Foss offers a brief review of the academic literature concerning the impact of sexual abuse on the victim’s psychological well-being, education, and earning capacity. This is the first of a two article series. The second part, to be published in the next issue of the Expert Witness, will discuss the response of the courts to these lawsuits.
  • Increased Earnings After Injury
    • by Michael Behr
    • In this article Michael Behr – a forensic economist from Northfield, Minnesota – asks whether or not an injured person has sustained a loss if the injury forces a change in occupation which produces higher income. He argues that any suggestion that injury is beneficial contradicts fundamental economic principles.