Autumn 1998 issue of the Expert Witness newsletter (volume 3, issue 3)


  • The Economics of Negligence Rules
    • by Christopher Bruce
    • As a continuation of his series, Christopher Bruce expands on the use of economic analysis in tort law. He argues the economic approach can also be used to cast light on the development of the tort rules of negligence.
  • Using Industry Growth Rates to Update Census Occupational Earnings Figures
    • by Kris Aksomitis
    • In this article Kris Aksomitis discusses the method used to adjust average income figures derived from the Census from past dollars to today’s dollars. He compares average incomes taken from the 1996 Census with adjusted figures from the 1991 Census to illustrate the accuracy of these adjustments.
  • Drawbacks to the Use of “Preliminary” Estimates
    • by Thomas R. Ireland
    • In this article, Dr. Thomas Ireland explains, in letter format, the dangers of relying on preliminary estimates. Dr. Ireland is a well-known economist and is involved in the assessment of personal injury damages.
  • Timing, Turning Bad into Good
    • by Heber G. Smith
    • In this article Heber Smith sheds light on how to survive the markets with global events such as the Asian Crisis and the Russian meltdown. This article is of particular interest to holders of structured settlements.
  • The MacCabe Judgment: Allowing the Use of Earnings Statistics for Males When Estimating the Future Income of a Female
    • by Derek Aldridge
    • In this article, Derek Aldridge explains how the MacCabe judgment is important from the economist’s view. What does the judgment imply about future cases involving injured or deceased females? There are many questions unanswered.