Autumn 1997 issue of the Expert Witness newsletter (volume 2, issue 3)


  • Using Male Earnings Data to Forecast the Future Income of Females
    • by Derek Aldridge
    • In this article Derek Aldridge deals with the subject of the “wage gap” between men and women. He discusses the rationale used to explain this difference in earnings and why it might be inaccurate to base a prediction of the future earnings of young women on women’s historical earnings. He suggests that there is considerable support for the use of male earnings data which have been adjusted to reflect the extent to which a female’s career path may differ from that of the average male.
  • Structured Settlement Assignments
    • by Heber G. Smith
    • In this article Heber Smith notes that the assignment of the obligations of a defendant under a structured settlement to a qualified assignee now provides self-insured defendants access to the tax-free periodic payment option.
  • The Role of the Occupational Therapist in Personal Injury Litigation – Part 1
    • by Lorian Kennedy
    • Lorian Kennedy, in the first part of a two-part series, outlines why an occupational therapist’s education and competencies lend themselves especially well to skills assessment in personal injury cases. In particular, demand for the services of occupational therapists has grown in relation to determination of suitable compensation for the loss of an individual’s capacity to perform household services. Reports by these professionals, in addition, may include assessment of an individual’s functional ability in relation to self-care, leisure, and paid work.
  • Notable Judgments in the Valuation of Household Services
    • by Therese Brown
    • Therese Brown, in the third of a series of articles on household services, reviews various judgments which are of interest in this area. She discusses the substantiation of the loss, as well as the issue of replacement cost. It is also noted that assumptions based on traditional beliefs may prove to be erroneous.